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I have lived in Finland, Switzerland, Sweden and Malaysia and spent unforgettable moments aroung the world during my numerous business and leisure trips. I am also very well informed and tend to ponder the effects of some innovations, political decisions, economic and business issues and cultural aspects have in our lives.

I tend to get my “clicks” somewhere, so why not from those trips and experiences – this is my way of doing that. Some of those moments trigger my writing inspiration and then I tend to publish them here.

Neste Oyj opens Europe’s first RFID-based self-service store in Finland

Neste’s new self-service store in Ratakatu

A few days ago, I read Neste’s article of opening a Europe’s first RFID-based (Radio Frequency Identification) self-service store in Finland. It immediately caught my attention as I have been delving with the issues also before in Asia. Today in the middle of covid 19 pandemic I decided to pay a visit to the store and the experience was surprisingly pleasant!

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Sustainability – Europe’s chance to get back on the world map

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Back in the early days Europe used to be nothing else than a battle field for the neighboring tribes. Today the tribes have evolved, but the very same turf wars continue all around Europe. Look at Germany, France, U.K., Poland.

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The Digital Awakening of Travel Retail & Duty Free – Data Sharing, Collaboration

Duty Free & Travel Retail (DF & TR) is a fascinating business with luxury airports, smiling staff, first class shops and smooth yet intense atmosphere. However, the storm is rising from the east and dark clouds can be seen also from the Europe and even from the States. The clouds are revolutionizing the industry with digitalism.


TR & DF have traditionally been known as the shopping window for the consumers or the heaven for the luxury brands, great prices and very strong retailers and of course good profits for them. These same brands have been embracing the digital revolution in high street already long ago, so why not in DF & TR? The retailers in turn are very well aware of the possibilities and opportunities the digital revolution will bring, so why not adopting the approach to DF & TR? Is it because of the required investments? Or is because of their lack of knowledge?

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History, Geopolitics, Trade and Macroeconomics – the effect of the Silk Road and the rising sun from the East

Islam and Buddhism along the Silk Road

I’m a big fan of macroeconomics and history and often tend to look the correlations between the past and future in macroeconomic level. At the moment the situation in the world is more than thrilling. One can see that the New World namely Americas is doing very well, the indexes are blowing out of the roof and unemployment historically low. The Old World instead, needs more clarification as the term was used to describe Europe, Africa and Asia. This area is however too big to be described as one area – the differences are too big. So let’s just use the current names as they define clearly the areas I’m talking about. The Silk Road, however, has everything to do with both of these and the Americas and the term has remained the same for a long time.

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Real time location system (RTLS) and radio-frequency identification (RFID) or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tech, active or passive or what?


Last time I wrote about customer experience and B2B and promised to continue it with part 2. Just a couple of hours ago however, I had an intriguing Facebook discussion with an old friend regarding RFID and BLE tech and decided to write a couple of sentences of them. You should bear in mind these technologies have everything to do with customer experience as well.

Considering real time location systems my friend has obviously something related to B2B and logistics in his mind. However, the adoption of the technology ranges from asset tracking to transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, aerospace, defence, government, retail to people just to mention a few and numerous verticals within B2B and B2C segments. It is however true that the most promising sectors are within B2B and logistics and asset or fleet tracking due to the operational efficiencies, profits, and customer satisfaction, which are in turn driving the customer experience.

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Customer experience and Business-to-Business Part 1.


After my latest run in the BtoB techie company I began to ponder the differences in customer experience in BtoB and B2C companies? Why there is such a clear distinction in adopting the customer-centric mindset? After all, customer is the king (and queen) in both channels.

Very often executives as me in my latest position found themselves delving into the competitive advantages of building a more customer-centric service and strategy focusing on interactions between the buyer and their end consumer. However, later I realized as more and more executives that developing B2B customer-experience strategies is just as simple as in B2C world although much more invigorating.

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By the way, if you have any work related suggestions, please share them with me !

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