Flipkart just launched its first phone

Following in the footsteps of Amazon’s Fire phone flop, India’s Flipkart today unveiled its first ever phone. Starting at US$170, the dual camera Billion Capture+ shows India’s biggest homegrown ecommerce store is going after the cheap-and-cheerful sector that’s currently dominated by Chinese brands Xiaomi and Oppo. It goes on sale November 15. Read More

China’s internet faster for 11 consecutive quarters

China’s overall internet speeds for the third quarter have surpassed 15Mbits per second for both download and upload, mobile and fixed line broadband, celebrated as the “double double”, according to the “China Broadband Speed Report” from the country’s Broadband Development Alliance. Fixed line broadband speeds have increased for 11 consecutive quarters since the 2015 launch … More China’s internet faster for 11 consecutive quarters

Google starts using location instead of domain names for serving country specific services

Country services used to be distinguished by the country code top-level domain names (ccTLD) such as google.fr for France or google.com.uk for England. “Google wants to stop the practice of manually entering the top-level domain to get a country’s services,” according to a report in 9to5google. Read More