Me, Myself & I

I’m a big fan of macroeconomics and history and often tend to look the correlations between the past and future in macroeconomic level. Besides history and macroeconomics today’s novelties, news and professionally interesting issues worth noticing regarding brands, retail, politics, economics, ecommerce, marketing & sales, IoT, RFID, autonomous driving, smart driving, slipperiness detection systems and tech worlds get my attention. In the News and Opinions part you will find the subjects I personally find most interesting and factual.


I’ve started my career in a variety of roles relating to retail, sales and marketing, later travel retail, strategies, trade marketing and business development in small and large companies where I was not just another marketer, but also gatekeeper, strategic management team member, international sales champion and marketing master. I am used to wear many hats, I sincerely enjoy having many ongoing projects; I thrive in an environment where changing market environment makes work days completely different.

I am flexible and responsive, self-starter and creative yet persevarent problem solver, seeking ways to streamline processes with customers/partners. Always committed, confident and positive; lately I’ve even found myself from Slush presenting the winning pitch in the Elisa IoT Challenge competition.

My skills include creating long-lasting relationships globally, managing complex projects around the globe, technology marketing, IoT business, active and passive RFID technologies, traffic management, marketing strategies, social media, sales and process management.

Concentrated on Europe, Middle East and Asia. Characteristics: Responsible, resilient, committed, pro-active, analytical, open minded, entrepreneurial, lateral thinker and extrovert person who takes the initiative.
Opinions are my own.
Lenni Koivisto
– always open for interesting proposals!
lenkoivi at

One thought on “Me, Myself & I

  1. Lenni, you have an impressive experience and knowledge from many industries and countries. I will share your info with persons who need that kind of professional.


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