New Finnish invention warns against road slipperiness

A new revolutionary invention on road slipperiness has been introduced in Finland. The new EGRIP solution produces real-time slipperiness information for the benefit of drivers, transport operators and other road users. In addition to slipperiness, the solution can also refine other data collected from the CAN bus of the vehicle, such as location and outdoor temperature information, as well as information about unexpected braking situations.

The solution developed by EEE Innovations Oy has already been installed in 200 different types of heavy vehicles and the objective is to install it into one thousand vehicles during 2019. A mobile version of the solution is also available in Google Play store for android devices.

Currently Neste has installed the solution into twenty of its trucks and uses it to collect data from the vehicle’s own sensors. The aim for Neste is to avoid accidents by warning the drivers of slipperiness, but also to provide information to other road users. LocalTapiola, one of the largest insurance companies in Finland, is involved in providing slipperiness information and being able to warn its customers about slippery spots on the road. According to a study conducted by LocalTapiola, 70 percent of its customers would like to monitor the weather and get advice on safe driving.

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