WeChat drove nearly $33 billion in consumption in 2017

China’s most popular app WeChat is so much more than just an instant messaging app. It’s also where Chinese people order food, make doctor’s appointments, hail their taxis, and even give to charities. In addition to providing handy services to users, it opens huge opportunities for businesses, big and small.

WeChat drove a total of RMB209.7 billion ($33 billion) in information consumption in 2017, an average annual growth of over 30% from 2014, representing 4.7% of China’s total information consumption, according to a report from the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT).

WeChat accounts for 34% of the country’s total data traffic, higher than Facebook’s 14.1% in South America and 23.6% in Latin America. Through partnerships with telecom carriers, the app drives RMB 191.1 billion worth of traffic data consumption, a 2.2-fold growth from the 2014 level, the report added.

Read More – Technode

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