Spending by international visitors in Finland increased by 20% in 2017

International travellers paid a record-breaking 8.3 million visits to Finland in 2017 and spent nearly €500 million more than the year before. Chinese visitors were the most extravagant, spending more than €1200 per visit. In all, international visitors brought in €4 billion in revenue comparable to export.

A survey conducted by Business Finland’s Visit Finland unit indicates that international visitors made a total of 8.3 million trips to Finland in 2017, up by 13% from 2016. Visits by Russian tourists increased by 17%, whereas visits by Chinese travellers skyrocketed at +63%. Visits from EU countries increased by 4% compared to the previous year.
Visits that included at least one night increased by 18% while day trips grew by 6%. Still, more than half of all visits by Chinese, Japanese and Korean travellers are for one night or less. However, more than 80% of travellers from Central Europe stay for at least two nights. Vacationers account for more than a quarter of all overnight stays in Finland.

“Travel reached a new height in Finland last year, spurred on by unprecedented attention from the international media. However, the groundwork has been laid by years of hard work in developing high-quality products, and we cannot let our high standards slip to keep up with demand. As the number of tourists increases, unfavourable consequences are also inevitable, and some destinations are indeed starting to reach their capacity. We need to develop sustainable tourism in order to preserve our unique nature, cultural environments and local communities that rely on tourism while also keeping up with demand and generating growth”, states Paavo Virkkunen from Business Finland’s Visit Finland unit.

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