China Leads the Pack of World’s Fastest-growing Airports

It’s common knowledge at this point that Chinese travel is a significant growth market. The rise of Chinese tourism has been nothing but meteoric, and the almost sudden onslaught of smartphone-wielding Chinese tourists in capitals around the world is very practical evidence thereof. It goes without saying that Chinese airports have experienced years of rapid growth as a result.

However, something that may not be as painfully obvious to the casual international observer is that Chinese aviation, in fact, is growing at a much faster rate than Chinese outbound tourism. 11 of the 20 fastest growing airports in the world last year are found in China—and it’s a trend that will likely continue for years to come. Fueled not only by international travel, but also domestic travel and rising incomes in lower-tier Chinese cities, aviation looks set for a bright future in China.

According to research by Routesonline based on preliminary data from travel technology company Sabre, the fastest growing airports in China last year were the following:

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