Both Chinese Government And Industry Tout Artificial Intelligence At CPPCC Meeting

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s took to the stage at the annual gathering of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) members and laid out a vision of the Chinese economy based on artificial intelligence. Corporate China also joint in the AI chorus.

Li’s two-hour speech, along with the 2018 government work report presented, called for expanded use of AI applications in medical services, care for the elderly, education, culture and sports, as well as pushing the “Internet plus” business model, or the application of the Internet to traditional industries.

The 36-page document stressed innovation (the word “innovation” appears 55 times) and the use of Internet plus initiatives to promote big data, cloud computing and Internet of things. He also encourages Internet+ agriculture to increase the income source of farmers.

Read More – ChinaMoneyNetwork

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