France Doubles Down on China as Tourism Recovers

After a series of unfortunate terrorist attacks back in 2015 which caused Chinese tourist arrivals in France to drop, France is making a comeback in the Chinese tourism market with a strong showing in 2017. However, returning to pre-2015 arrival numbers is not enough for France, which hopes to solidify its position as the world’s most-visited country with the help of the enormous Chinese tourism market.

In a meeting with a Chinese business club, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves le Drian shed light on what France is doing to improve its standing in the Chinese tourism market now when Chinese arrivals have recovered to pre-slump levels.


A key element of France’s strategy to strengthen its attractiveness in China is to address one of the perhaps toughest things to crack for a Western destination: visas. While France, as a Schengen Area member, is tied to the visa policy formulated on the European Union level, it still hopes that it can gain an upper hand in China by improving its visa application procedures.

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