What Governments Should Do to Attract More Chinese Travelers

There’s only so much a single business can do to attract more Chinese travelers to its hotels, shops, tourist attractions, or tour services. At a certain point, it doesn’t matter what a business does next: Chinese customers will be limited at a macro level, whether it’s because of a limited number of flights from China, or perhaps due to a less-than-perfect diplomatic relationship between China and your country. South Korea is a case in point: its tourism industry is heavily oriented toward Chinese travelers, but it’s currently struggling because of a strained relationship with the Chinese government.

As the Chinese tourism boom years with consistent double-digit growth are now behind us, a return to booming Chinese tourism may just require a bit more than an innovative private sector. Government initiatives such as the “China tourism years” may just be a response to slowing market growth, and a situation where the private sector can only do so much to boost profitable Chinese tourism further. In the United States, its tourism year followed a slowdown in Chinese tourism, and the EU’s tourism year followed a weak year often attributed to a growing fear of terrorist attacks across Europe. Similarly, Turkey is also hosting a tourism year—following declining fortunes in the Chinese tourism market. The idea is sound, but results may leave tourism businesses disappointed.

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