JD.com Partners with “China’s Pinterest” on New WeChat Sales Venture

Chinese e-commerce platform JD.com will collaborate with Meili on a new fashion e-tail venture, which will reportedly be run as a WeChat mini-program. The venture is set to make its debut after Chinese New Year.

Meili (美丽联合集团) is a company that formed when social e-commerce site Mogujie (蘑菇街) bought out rival Meilishuo (美丽说) in 2016. Meili continues to run both sites, which are something like a cross between Pinterest and a fashion catalogue. Mogujie and Meilishuo are platforms to share visuals and discuss trends before making purchases on the sites.

Unlike Alibaba’s Luxury Pavilion, WeChat mini-programs aren’t exclusive to members, meaning WeChat user can stay in the app and complete the entire purchase more seamlessly, if with somewhat less social cachet.

Read More – Jing Daily

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