How Chinese Tourism Can Rally After 2017’s ‘Trump Slump’

Various outlets have been claiming that the U.S. tourism industry is experiencing a so-called “Trump Slump.” There is no doubt that President Trump’s rhetoric and his administration’s policies have had a negative impact on inbound tourism to the United States, with the “travel ban” being the most significant overall. But many observers have pointed out that it’s not all about Trump. This especially true for China.

Fundamentally, putting the blame for this drop in tourism all on Trump is short-sighted and counterproductive. Overall tourism dropped by 2.4 percent last year before Trump was elected. In fact, the drop in tourism from some regions last year was substantially larger last year compared to this year. For example, Western European arrivals fell by 6.7 percent in 2016 compared to 1.8 percent this year.

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