Welcome to Hell – it’s the time for Slush!


That’s where it all started. Slush grew from the idea of cultural change: creating a grassroots movement to serve the next generation of founders
and an environment that strongly supports entrepreneurship. We wanted to create something
authentic and frantic. So Slush was born, amidst the dark and slushy Nordics. Over the past seven years, Slush has grown from a 300-person gathering to become a global
community organizing more than 40 events with +30,000 attendees all around the world from Singapore to South Africa. It’s truly humbling
to see the next generation in cities like Tokyo and Shanghai join this movement with the same mindset: for startup community by the community. Not all Slushes are alike though. And now I’m not talking about the weather. Each city and each
community adds its own local flavor to the global network. Be it the cherry blossoms of Japan or the
rhythms of Jamaica, we always like to throw some spices into the mix of entrepreneurs and tech.
This magazine was created to fulfill the times of
anticipation as we are waiting for the next Slush
to fall. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed
writing it.


CEO, Slush

Slush Magazine 2017

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