Hong Kong and Mainland Markets – Difference for brands?


I just noticed an intriguing article regarding Hong Kong, Mailand China, Macau and Taiwan. It was about brands approaching the area as one market. If today’s brands really find they can use similar marketing approach for all of them – they’re lost.

If one considers Mainland China, which already has thousands of philosophies (Confucianism, —Daoism/ Taoism, Buddhism etc), languages, sub-cultures (e.g. Guangdong-Fujian, Jiangsu-Zhejiang 江浙, north-east (华北), north (东北),Yunnan-guizhou (云贵),Sichuan-Jianxi (川赣), West (西部)), large cities and religions then it is easier to realize the approach or shortcut some brands tend to take is completely wrong. I would even suggest the brands to consider concentrating “only” to certain area for example Guangzhou, which is the capital of Guangdong province with approximately 110 mns population!

Considering HK, which is governed through the policy of “one country, two systems” one could think there are enough similarities for brands to take the same approach than in Mainland. Wrong, the passport, currency, police force, and legal system, and the city’s business environment, tax rates, free trade, government interference are different compared to the mainland. I do not want to sound negative, but no brand should try to take shortcuts when entering Asia.

Of course the digital disruption has taken the markets closer to each other, but be careful; the adoption of digitalism might be very different depending on the country in question.

Read the original article here

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