Tourism and travel – part of nations political toolbox


Tourism as we know is part of rare luxuries one can enjoy during the leisure time. It also has substantial economic implications to favourite destinations, airlines and airports. It can also have more widespread implications even to nations or economies.

Consider Russia’s western sanctions; foreign direct investments dry up, expat’s leaving back to their countries, impact to local businesses, increased cost of the foreign imports and eventually declining tourism.

No doubt, travel and tourism can bring substantial amount of paying customers to the destinations, which in turn depends on attractiveness, costs, location and shopping possibilities. (Read More) However, there’s also dark side of the tourism just like the moon. I’ve recently read an interesting article regarding Tourism and politics.

The main takeaway was tourism as a tool to enforcing compliance with foreign policy directives or retaliating against unfavourable moves by foreign governments (Read the article here).

These kinds of activities however, cause serious damage to entrepreneurs, private companies and after all to the whole nations and their image. Such efforts have often been labelled as a tourist ban, which should not be supported nor tolerated. The main reason underlying these activities is the mixing of politics, religions and private companies, which should be kept aside.




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