Hafslund Nett reinvents smart metering with a Wide Area Mesh network

Had a really interesting chat with Wirepas CEO Teppo Hemiä in Telia Digitalist IoT Forum regarding their Wide Area Mesh technology – Wirepas Connectivity.

In this case it is used by Hafslund Nett, which currently deploys a smart metering system which will cover 700.000 electricity con-nections in Oslo area by the end of 2018. The core of the new smart metering solution consists of Aidon’s energy service devices (smart meters), Aidon’s head-end-system for the collection and management of the data from the smart meters, as well as a communication solution for data delivery powered by Wirepas.

Compared to most known smart metering roll-outs, the connectivity solution adopted by Hafslund Nett has radically changed the network logic. It introduces the approach of autonomous de-centralised networks and network management by eliminating investment in specific communication network devices and additional infrastructure equipment, thanks to the innovative connectivity technology.

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